Song Indexes

Song Indexes

Our congregation uses two song books for our worship services.  We provide the following indexes of each songbook as PDF files that can be viewed and downloaded.  Click to view, or right click to download (warning- these are LARGE files.)

  -   Songs of Faith and Praise (our "Blue Book"), edited by Alton Howard, 15th printing

  -   Hymns For Worship (our "Red Book"), edited by Dane K. Shephard and R.J. Stevens, 15th printing

Song leaders: To have Ross Statham prepare any of these songs using The Paperless Hymnal, simply text "Blue" or "Red" with your song numbers to him at 770-329-5400 at least 24 hours in advance-- although if you get in a time jam, check his availability for "rush service".  We aim to please.  

If you aren't finding a hymn (or a version of the hymn) you'd like to lead in either the blue or red songbooks, then let Ross know that you'd like to review version(s) from the Paperless Hymnal, and if you want, he can email you the songs for you to review.  (stathamross at   Full Paperless Hymnal index (5 mb Excel) or Paperless Hymnal List (500k PDF).   (Ross's backups are Salem and Charles, by the way.)

Meanwhile, we already have the following songs already set up as "Electronic Only" slides, typically because they weren't found in either of our hymnals, and as we add more, we'll add to this list:

  - Abide With Me Tis Eventide
  - Be Thou My Vision
  - Blessed Be The Name (Alternate Version)
  - Blue Skies and Rainbows
  - Bringing in the Sheaves
  - Consider The Lillies of the Field
  - Exalted
  - God Himself is With Us
  - Hilltops of Glory
  - Holy Spirit
  - Humble Yourself - 5 verses
  - I Am Coming to the Cross
  - I Am Mine No More
  - I Love Thy Kingdom Lord (Dwight-Williams)
  - I've Got Peace Like a River
  - Jesus is Calling (Hartsough-Filmore)
  - Lord Take Control
  - Ready to Suffer
  - Shelter in the Time of Storm
  - Soon and Very Soon
  - We Gather Together
  - We Have Come Into His House
  - Where Could I Go? (but to the Lord?)