Buddy Payne

Buddy Payne

Brief Biography of H.E. "Buddy" Payne, Jr.

H.E. "Buddy" Payne was born in Beaumont, Texas June 23, 1945, the son of Harry and Kay Payne.  Buddy and his wife Marilyn (Geer) have four children and sixteen grandchildren, and reside in Temple Terrace (metro Tampa), Florida.

Dr. Payne received hiis formal education at Florida College (A.A. in 1965); Florida State University (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education, 1967); Harvard University (Masters of Arts in Teaching in Science Education, 1968); and the University of South Florida (Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, 1983).

He joined the Florida College faculty in 1972 where he taught chemistry and mathematics; served as Registrar; Dean of Students; and Vice President and as Academic Dean.  In 2009 the Board of Directors selected Dr. Payne as the 5th President of Florida College.  He served in that role until his retirement in June 2022, and upon his retirement the Board appointed him as Chancellor of the College- a role which he serves until the present time.

Dr. Payne has served as an evangelist and elder, currently serving as an elder for the Livingston Avenue Church in Lutz, Florida.  He has devoted much of his life and career studying and lecturing on the so-called "creation/evolution controversy" on college campuses, in local communities and in other settings in the US and abroad over the last sixty years.

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